Welcome to the European School of Varese

Among all the acclaimed European schools, we stand proudly as the original institution in Italy. One of the thirteen exclusive European schools, currently headed by multilingual Ariane Farinelle from Belgium, we were founded in 1960 in the friendly and welcoming Varese. We warmly accept international as well as European students, which reflects the variety, friendship and collaboration possible between countries worldwide, and the unimaginably valuable potential we have when embracing this priceless diversity.   

Our strategic location allows our school to be surrounded by the green oasis of nature, that combined with all our initiatives, awards us the gratifying title of a “Green School”. We provide a bus service that efficiently connects even the most remote homes to us and ensures easy accessibility.  


Our multinational roots are clearly portrayed by our five distinct linguistic sections that shape our school: the Italian, Anglophone, Francophone, German and Dutch sections, each of these the base language of the majority of the subjects taught to students. We additionally offer an array of different mother tongue language courses for all countries composing the European Union, independently from the language sections.  

Our school is subdivided into the nursery school, the elementary school (ages 5-11) and the secondary school.  Children from four to five years old attend the nursery school for a 2-year cycle; those with ages between six and ten are hosted by our primary school’s 5-year cycle. These pupils are arranged in two buildings equipped with spacious outdoor playgrounds, luminous gyms and a wonderful garden that reminds them how we live harmoniously with nature and about the importance of breaks in fresh air.  

When progressing with further education, eleven-year-old students start the 7-year secondary school, consisting of “middle” and “high” school, when referring to the Italian or international system. The initial three years (S1-3) are followed by the “pre-orientation cycle” that lasts two years (S4-5) and is concluded with harmonised exams of all subjects. These allow students to select their future choices based on preferences, that will direct them towards a more specific path for the “orientation cycle” (S6-7). When finalising studies with us, students will sit exams harmonised between all European Schools that will allow them to obtain the European high school diploma or “European baccalaureate”, more commonly known as “BAC”. In Italy we are the only school authorised to issue this specific diploma.  

Our secondary school is designed with the “Erasmus” and “Da Vinci” buildings, in addition to three spacious gyms, specialised scientific laboratories, music rooms and art rooms. Within these buildings we can also find our assembly hall, the canteen, an infirmary, a well-furnished and regularly updated library and quiet calm study rooms. Our strengths are once again our external spaces: a 200m athletics track and two playing fields for football and basketball in the lower courtyard.  

We encourage you to contact us if you are considering enrolling your children in our school as we are delighted to expand our school community and proceed educating the powerful future minds of Europe. 

Sofia Baj S5EN